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414. IMPACT OF COMMUNICATION IN THE MANAGEMENT AN ORGANIZATION IN NIGERIA. Which one of the following is a potential problem with management’s communication of financial information that causes third parties to desire the independent auditor’s assessment of the financial statement presentation? Also referred to as a profit and loss statement. The FASB statement on qualitative characteristics of accounting information examines the characteristics of accounting information that make it useful for decision-making. Faithful representation is one of the two primary decision-specific characteristics of useful accounting information. To explore this question at greater length, one might ask what justification other than the controller’s might be used to justify the deferral of the gain. Deferral of the gain should not be permitted, as it is realized and is earned. A gain should not be recognized until the inventory is sold. 69,000. Because the controller believed that new equipment would be needed in the near future, she decided to defer the gain and amortize it over the life of any new equipment purchased.

60,000. Because the building was increasing in value during the year, the controller decided to charge the depreciation expense to retained earn-ings instead of to net income. In profit and loss account if debit side is excess the credit side , the difference is called net loss. They are added with the concerned heads in the debit side of trading or profit and loss account and shown in the liability side of the balance sheet. A CASE STUDY OF BLIO TEX TRADING AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY NIGERIA. 312. TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS IN MULTI-CAMPUSES IN HIGHER INSTITUTIONS OF LEARNING AND THEIR POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS A CASE STUDY OF INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY ENUGU. 419. THE ROLES AND PROBLEMS OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS TO THE GROWTH OF SMALL SCALE BUSINESS IN NIGERIA. Growth of a business is a great thing, however it can be sudden. 363. USING MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM TO IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICES AND GROWTH IN THE BANKING INDUSTRY. As you can discover so far, business accounting services from an outworker are quick, affordable and convenient.

It is important to narrow down your references to those that have similar goals and needs as you if you want to sure of getting the best service from the accounting firm. Similarly when an organization is getting some revenue it is said that the organization is getting credit. 379. the organization and management problems of rural water supply in Nnewi Anambra State. 283. THE PROBLEMS OF NIGERIAN PERSONAL INCOME TAX ADMINISTRATION. As a consequence, even if the value of the building is increasing, costs related to this building should be matched with revenues on the income statement, not as a charge against retained earnings. 280. APPRAISAL OF INCOME TAX COLLECTION AND ANDMINISTRATION IN NIGERIA. A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA TELECOMMUNICATION LIMITED ENUGU. 315. THE CONCEPT OF COST CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC FUNDS A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU STATE MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND ECONOMIC PLANNING. 4. An exposure draft of the proposed standard is prepared and issued for comments by members of ICAI and the public at large. The council of the Institute will consider the final draft of the proposed Standard and If found necessary, modify the same in consultation with ASB. 5. After taking into consideration the comments received, the draft of the proposed standard will be finalized by ASB and submitted to the council of the Institute.

According to going concern concept, it is presume that a business organization will run for an indefinite period. Plus, I was also able to use it in my other subjects as well like Business Math and Accounting. Capital expenditure like building, plant, fixtures and fittings do normally last for more than one year. If a firm has handled more than a few clients and firms in your industry, you can surely rely on them for the job. It is a vital fact to understand that you can never deal with multiple tasks at once in a more effective way. Reliable information can be depended upon to represent the conditions and events that it is intended to represent. Accounting information provides useful information about business transactions and events. We assume you know nothing about accounting or any accounting terms. The document which is generated within the organization is know as internally generated source document. 334. THE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT PROBLEM OF RURAL WATER SUPPLY. 401. EFFECTS OF POOR MANAGEMENT IN PRIVATE OWNED ESTABLISHMENT. 364. EFFECTS OF PERSONNEL POLICIES ON ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS (A CASE STUDY OF ANAMCO LTD. A CASE STUDY OF N.B.L.